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Ewa Ćwikła – Rembrandt's light

Opening: 29.05.2019, 19:00

Zofia Weiss Gallery, ul. Sławkowska 12
Monday – Friday 11 am – 6 pm
Saturday 11 am – 3 pm

Katarzyna Orzechowska, Joanna Rudzińska – the dialoguephoto

Katarzyna Orzechowska, Joanna Rudzińska – the dialogue

Opening: 30.05.2019, 19:00

Eszeweria, Kraków, ul. Józefa 9
daily 12:00–2:00

"The Dialogue" is a conversation between pictures; an exchange of opinions between two independent works that unites the perceptible thread of understanding. The photographs have been paired through similar composition or mood. Together, they form a harmonious whole, but apart, they tell a completely different story.
The conversation takes place between entities that are separate in many dimensions - physical (space & time) and spiritual. A traveler glancing by a spectrum of light in central London meets the contemplative tourist in a Berlin museum. The exhibition becomes a pretext for them to create a conversation through an international visual language.

Magdalena Przybyło-Górniak – You alright?photo

Magdalena Przybyło-Górniak – You alright?


Indalo Cafe, Tarłowska 15
DAILY 9:00 - 22:00

"You alright?" - this is the most popular welcome phrase here where I live. And although it's a neutral one, it still causes me to ask myself - am I, actually? It's been three years since I've moved to the |UK. Living here, I am a citizen of the world so charming and peaceful, that at the same time it gives you this overwhelming feeling of loneliness. I've came across a chalenge to build my identity, including the artistic one, from the very beginning, with those contradictive feelings of delight and doubt accompaning me through the process. In my photographs I try to capture both a beauty and an immovable passivity that I meet on my way to adaptation.

Joanna Żmuda, Piotr Gawor – Fullfilmentphoto

Joanna Żmuda, Piotr Gawor – Fullfilment


Piwnica pod Baranami, Rynek Główny 27
Daily: 11:00–2:00

An exhibition of photographs inspired by sung poetry.
The authors of the photographs are two young Krakow photographers - Joanna Żmuda and Piotr Gawor, who, realizing a series of twelve photographs, referred to twelve compositions by Krzysztof Stanio with the music of Paweł Sopla.
The subject of the pictures is femininity and masculinity and the relationship between them, from the perspective of a woman and a man.
While the texts became the starting point for photographers, the translation of the subject matter into photographs took place in a very loose manner, and photo titles are slogans that have become a direct inspiration for photographers' work.
The opening of the exhibition will take place on 31/05/2019 at 6 p.m., followed by a concert performed by krzysztof stanio and hiroshi kurotaki.

KSA: Roksana Romańska – Emotionsphoto

KSA: Roksana Romańska – Emotions

Opening: 31.05.2019, 17:00

Forum Przestrzenie, ul. Marii Konopnickiej 28
Daily: 10:00–2:00

Exhibition as part of a series of exhibitions
INDIVIDUAL organized by the Krakow School of Art
The exhibition will present a series of high fashion photographs referring to the subject of non-obvious emotions.
This is a personal project by Roxana Romańska, trying to present in the frame what is fleeting and elusive, what the description could be incomplete with words.
It is also a story about the accompanying feelings while looking for your way in different stages of life and their complex forms.

Bożena Knecht – Chiiphoto

Bożena Knecht – Chii

Opening: 31.05.2019, 18:00

Antykwariat πBook, Kraków, Stefana Batorego 5
Mon–Fri 11:00–18:00
Sat 10:00–17:00

The project "Chi" complements an earlier project by the artist, "Yu 2030". Its subject is a female android and the search for an answer to the question whether artificial intelligence is able to replace a human being? I was attracted by a soft yellowish light, so I entered the basement, with a multitude of evenly arranged books on the shelves. Amongst them were a couple of mangas which made my thoughts return to "Chobits". A manga, in which Hideki M. finds an abandoned persocom, or personal computer, in the form of a girl. What kind of secret does "it" contain? Atmospheric music is floating around. We are blending into the place, switch feeling on, and begin to write a manga of our own.

DEBUTS_2018 photo


Opening: 31.05.2019, 19:00

andel's Hotel Cracow, ul. Pawia 3
Daily: 8:00–22:00

Based on the project review, DEBUTS seeks for new talents within the photography of any kind, from documentary to artistic. Each edition of DEBUTS results in a book and exhibition presented during photographic events. The 5th edition of DEBUTS lists 20 photographers living in 13 countries.